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As we all known,the Bible has great influence on western’s thoughts,beliefs,literature,culture, especially in art,music,law ,education and so on. Western society is a society that is greatly immersed in christian culture,and almost all the western major writers’ works are greatly influenced by the Holy Bible. Consequently, E.B.White is no exception.He was born in a strongly Christian family,and was a pious christian when he was young.This paper intends to explore the biblical elements implicit in E.B.White’s Charlotte’s Web, which would come light on the themes of the novel.

    With the development of the novel,we see a newborn spring pig called Wilbur who is very small and weak saved from being killed several times by Fern and spider Charlotte. The story of Charlotte’s sacrifice to make sure her promise to save Wilbur from slaughter succeeds is reminiscent of the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made to ensure that God’s promise to man succeeded.

    This paper illustrates the resemblances between the plans of God saving human beings and the plans of Charlotte saving Wilbur,analyzing the traits of character of the main characters,comparing the main characters in the novel and in the Bible.Finally,the study will show that the death of the main character in both stories was in fact necessary,in order to save lives of others.This paper reveals that death not always mean the end,in some cases,death is exactly a brand new beginning.It will be the continuation of new life. We will revive again.

Key words:Charlotte’s Web; the Bible; love; sacrifice; salvation





1 Introduction1

  1.1 E.B.White’s life and his works1

  1.2 Introduction to the novel2

  1.3 Reviews about Charlotte’s Web and its protagonists2

2 Analysis of the Bible and its influence on western literature and culture4

  2.1 The development of children’s literature4 

  2.2 The Bible and its influence on western culture.5

  2.3 The Bible as literature.7 

3 Biblical imagery in the main characters.7

  3.1 John Arable8

  3.2 Charlotte.9

  3.3 Templeton10

4 Biblical love and sacrifice in Charlotte’s Web.10

  4.1 Love and sacrifice in the Bible.10

  4.2 A unique and great sacrifice11 

  4.3 Sincere,self-giving and everlasting love.12

5 The continuation of life12 

  5.1 A warm wind13

  5.2 His  revival.13

6 Conclusion .14