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Abstract:Since the Reform and Opening-up, our country's national economy has been developing rapidly. The market's demand of mold also increases. In resent years, mold industry has been growing at the rate of about 15%. The ownership of mold industrial enterprises also has undergone tremendous changes. In addition to the state-owned professional mold factories, collective enterprises, joint ventures, wholly-owned enterprises and private enterprises also grow rapidly. All in all, mold industry grows fast and faces unprecedented opportunities and challenges. With the changes of the social's needs, mold products are developing toward to short delivery time, high precision, good quality, and low-price aspects.

   Nowadays,straight tube fluorescent lamp has been wide used in schools、factories、supermarkets、families. It is an important part of people’s daily lighting. In the past, the fluorescent lamp holder’s main component material is aluminum. As the greatest aluminum consuming counties, we must consider that use aluminum resource effectively and conservation-minded with the resource is so limited. This paper’s research object is Foshan fluorescent lamp. It will means a lot in slow down the speed of our country’s aluminum resource consumption if 10 steel cap has been used to substitute original aluminum lamp holder.

   Fluorescent lamp holder’s simple structure, it is a kind of narrow flanged cylinder. Foshan fluorescent lamp is the major research object in this design. The following is the main content about the processing mould design of lamp holder:

   (1) Narrate this paper’s research purpose、meaning and the developing situation 

and tendency of stamping tool at home and aboard.

   (2) Analysis the semi-finished product processing technique and calculate the 

correlative dimension. Mainly conclude that :material selection, analyzing of structure and dimensions、 calculation of the semi -finished materials size、determine of drawing times and orientation.

   (3) Mold design including blanking drawing die and sizing die. In this design, the main part including that: the selection of press machine、blanking drawing、calculation of plastic die and punch size、carrier selection、machine check、positioning device and the selection and design of discharge mechanism.

   (4) Finally, it is the drawing the blanking deep drawing mode and plastic mold assembly drawing. At the same time, draw the most important component in detail drawing of the two molds.

   (5) In the last place, narrate the shortage that exists in this paper when it was written. And with brought other stamping die design experience, this paper gives some common solving methods.

Key words: fluorescent lamp;10 steel;blanking drawing die;sizing die