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关键词:施工组织设计 模板专项设计 稳定性验算


ABSTRACT:This works to the stone pillars Nanbin professional market complex in the town of stone Nanbin town for instance, construction area of 1327m2, building layers 3 layers of reinforced concrete frame structure type, contract duration 160 days.

   According to the teacher first given design drawings and construction conditions, we completed the engineering calculations, during the construction organization design work. Construction organization design is to organize construction general guidance documents, according to its own characteristics of the project for the construction organization design, and its corresponding content includes an overview of the project, the main construction technology program, the allocation of resources, the duration of the plan quality of construction and environmental protection measures.

   Template special design means that supporting New Concreting entire system. Template support column calculations; develop template installation and removal procedures and methods; preparing templates and accessories specifications, quantity and turnaround summary tables use plan; preparation of template construction safety, fire safety measures and technical design, construction manual.

   SAP2000 is a structural finite element analysis of structural analysis software, we learn and apply it to carry out a special design template support column component stability checking, checking the results meet the requirements.

Key words: Construction design;Special design templateS;tability Checking