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Abstract:With the formation of global economic integration,Tourism has become a major industry.It is the most dynamic and potential in the third industry And became an important force in promoting economic development.With the changes in consumer demands in tourism, Cultural Tourism is increasingly becoming a hot modern tourism, it has been the concern of the tourism industry across the country . Promoting national culture and Showing national geographic style of cultural tourism has become the focus of tourism. Culture is the soul of tourism. Without culture, the tourism is not viable and vibrant. If the development of a country or region of  tourism industry ,if it lack of the cultural influence and the traditional cultural heritage of their own nation , the tourism will lost its characteristics , and could not reflect the unique spiritual connotation ,of the nations. It also will lose a powerful attraction . So,digging and developing the cultural connotation of the cultural resources in ethnic mimority area and becoming the the cultural characteristics of a tourist destination will be an effective way to achieve the goal of developing the tourism .

   This study target——Liannan Yao Autonomous County in Lianzhou is one of three minority autonomous county in Guangdong.It is the place for Yao to live for generations.Liannan Yao has a long history of a fixed area and no one can catch it in domestic and foreign. Liannan Yao Autonomous County has a unique advantage but not well developed. In this context, the paper is based on the theory of Yao culture, do a preliminary theoretical description of the national cultural tourism and identifying the barriers of affecting national cultural tourism development according to the previous literature .I think that promote the county’s cultural tourism is very necessary. This article begins from the  image positioning , target market selection and marketing of Liannan Yao , throughout the Yao culture to the tourism development and preliminary make a marketing program of Liannan Yao Autonomous County.And I provide a new marketing methods.,for example,micro- film marketing and mobile e-commerce marketing,to promote the Liannan Yao Autonomous County in better and faster development.

Key words: Liannan Yao Autonomous County, Cultural Tourism, culture of Yao, Marketing