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Abstract:In contemporary world, global, financial and informational trends are driving the food industry to a wider, more in-depth field. Food industry shows the characteristics of diversity, competition among enterprises shows the pattern of diversification and globalization, too. Corporate culture of food is a new management style to adapt to the requirements of the times. It will be helpful to integrate the various business resources, and promote the business healthy and sustainable development. This paper analyzes the impact of high-tech on China's food enterprises as well as the deep-rooted challenge of high-tech to our country food corporate culture. This paper also expatiates the direction of our food corporate cultural construction and the guide of government in the new period of development of high-tech.

  Broad market of food products and the infinitely bright prospect of food industries, make a wide range of high-tech applications in the food industry. The development of high technology has promoted the production technology level of the food industry, and impelled the industrialization and modernization process of food industry. The development of high technology has guaranteed the people's demand of increasing consumption, promoted the development of the national economy. Therefore, food expends unceasingly is also renewing the promotion, A new awareness and new concept of the traditional food safety have been discovered. In recent years, our country food safety incident occurred unceasingly, not only exposure our country and the overseas food safe examination domain's product and the technical disparity, the food standard and the examination system were imperfect, but also immediate influence Our country Food Enterprise foreign export or economic cooperation procedure. 

  High tech's development not only affects food enterprise, but also makes the corporate culture of the food industry have a new connotation: Food enterprise culture must set up the humanist idea, takes person's value, namely the human to enterprise development's value and the enterprise the value which develops regarding the human, and take the harmonious idea as the instruction; Must set up the user supreme idea, stands firm the old customer by the good faith idea, develops the new customer; Simultaneously must strengthen the responsibility consciousness, undertakes the corresponding community responsibility, and unifies with the ecologically-conscious culture, avoids suicide type development which is eager for quick success and immediate gain; With requests tends the quantification and the legal system changes into the enterprise operation to provide the insurance safeguard.

  So, the high-tech development in the new time, union food enterprise own characteristic and our country's national condition, the building of the food corporate culture is necessary to highlight the “people-oriented”, integrates the moral culture and the enterprise ethics concept, and simultaneously has absorbed the essence of our tradition Confucian culture. 

  The high-tech to our country food enterprise culture's influence, lets me feel deeply that, only when we inherit and carry forward the fine traditions of Chinese culture, absorb and learn from mankind's advanced culture, and through government theory guidance, public opinion propaganda, and China's unique ideological and political work to guide the cultural construction, it can be established a good corporate culture of Chinese food in the new period.

KEY WORDS: high-tech;food corporation culture;people oriented;Confucian culture;government guidance